S2E4 | Carbon Dioxide

S2E4 | Carbon Dioxide

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Hosted by Lutz Koepnick

In this episode of Art of Interference, we turn our attention to the carbon footprint of the contemporary art world. What can galleries and museums do to reduce their CO2 emissions? How do curators and museum directors rethink their exhibition and conversation practices to reduce their institutions’ environmental footprint. Our guests are Amanda Hellman, the director of Vanderbilt University’s Museum of Art, and Mark Scala, the chief curator of the Frist Art Museum in Nashville. We discuss how climate considerations shape their respective approaches to preserving and exhibiting art and how we can’t separate conversations about decarbonization from ongoing efforts to decolonize the art world.

In this episode we also hear from Hans Schmitt-Matzen and Marcell Jones about various efforts at the Frist Art Museum to reduce the museum’s carbon footprint.

The Vanderbilt Museum of Art was formerly known as the the Vanderbilt Gallery of Fine Arts. It was renamed after the recording of this episode.