Art of Interference explores creative responses to climate change. We feature artists whose images, sounds, and performances encourage us to retune the relations of nature and technology, the human and the non-human. We ask climate scientists about their research and how it chimes with the interventions of contemporary artists. Additionally, we speak to activists, cultural critics, and policymakers about the need to develop a new ethics appropriate to our twenty-first century of planetary crises. In each episode, we discuss timely and untimely perspectives on how we, amid our human-made emergencies, may act in the world and allow this changing world to act on us.

Our first season investigates Water. How, we ask our guests, does water in all its elemental states and shapes inspire their artistic creativity? And in what way does their work challenge prevalent notions of agency and entanglement, care and co-dependency, control and disturbance? By pursuing these questions, we present contemporary art as a unique laboratory to reevaluate common notions of interference and what it means to be alive amid the planetary crises of our present. 

Future seasons will feature artists whose works address the elemental media of air, earth, and fire.

Art of Interference is produced at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. It has been made possible with the generous support of the Climate Studies Fund of the College of Arts & Science.

Recent Episodes (follow the links for more information about each episode and full transcripts):

Season 1 | Episode 1: Dew
Season 1 | Episode 2: Fog
Season 1 | Episode 3: Floods

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