S2E3 | Clouds

S2E3 | Clouds

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Hosted by Maren Loveland

In this episode, we turn our attention to the larger-than-life cloud creations of Tomás Saraceno, an artist who creates cities in the clouds and flyable cloud sculptures as a way of imagining more peaceful, ecological futures. We also hear from the media philosopher John Durham Peters, whose book The Marvelous Clouds revolutionizes the way we think about humans, nature, and art. Finally, we learn from a cloud scientist, Andrea Salazar, about the importance of cloud feedback systems on a warming planet. 

Learn more about Tomás Saraceno’s projects here: https://studiotomassaraceno.org/

Tomas Saraceno’s Cloud City (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Follow this link to watch Saraceno’s TED Talk.

Read about Saraceno’s exhibition at the Met here

For further reading, check out Saraceno’s publications:
Notes on Aeroscene
Particular Matter(s)
Tomás Saraceno: Cloud Cities

Learn more about Yale media scholar John Durham Peters here, and the research and publications of Harvard climate scientist Andrea Salazar here.