S2E2 | Breath

S2E2 | Breath

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Hosted by Emma Vendetta and Lutz Koepnick

In this episode, Emma and Lutz talk with Grammy-award winning fluteplayer Molly Barth about the relation of breath, contemporary flute music, and climate change. We also hear from pulmonologist Dr. Priya Balakrishnan about the impact of increased air pollution on the work of our lungs. And we explore the connections between good breathing and good listening, and how extractivist economies tend to suffocate both.    

Molly Barth

Please visit Molly Barth’s website for more information about her career. We have also provided a few links to some of her performances below.

Also featured or discussed in this episode:

Dr, Priya Balakrishnan, pulmonologist at the Cleveland Clinic

Camila Sposati, artist

Siobhán McDonald, artist

James Nestor, author of Breath. The New Sciience of a Lost Art

Here are some links featuring performances we discuss with Molly Barth in this episode:

Kristina Wolfe: Listening to the Wind (performed by Molly Barth)

Phillipe Hurel: Loops (performed by Molly Barth at the Mackenzie Pass Lava Fields in Oregon):

Julia Wolfe: Oxygen (performed, among other, by Molly Barth)

Shulamit Ran: East Wind (performed by Kirsten Stoner):