S1E9 | Rain

S1E9 | Rain

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Co-Hosted by Tori Hoover and Emma Reimers

“Blessed are the dead that the rain rains upon,” wrote poet Edward Thomas in the trenches of the first World War. Today’s episode deals with two different sorts of grief: climate grief, as inspired by composer Jamie Perera’s Anthropocene in C Major, and pandemic grief, which he tackled in his follow-up project, Sonification. Today’s episode explores how we might utilize grief productively to make change, and considers the importance of interrogating what it means to consider ourselves the antagonists in a climate change narrative.

Please visit Jamie Perera’s website to explore his other compositions.

For more on Micaiah Johnson’s work, see here.

Also mentioned in this episode:

W.E.B. Du Bois’s Data Visualizations

Florence Nightingale’s Rose Charts

Donna Harraway, Staying with the Trouble (2016)

Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass (2015)

Matthew Thompson, “In An Age of Constant Disaster, What Does it Mean to Rebuild?” (2022)

Laura Kuhl, “Dodging Silver Bullets: How Cloud Seeding Could Go Wrong” (2022)

Paul McAdory, “Did They Really Make it Rain Over Dubai? Does it Matter?” (2021)